Weight-loss Challenge: Prep your weekend diet battle plan

Jan. 13, 2012 at 8:18 AM ET

TGIF … the weekend is just around the corner! Strategize a battle plan for the weekends so your healthy habits don't unravel.

It’s great to relax on the weekends, but the lack of structure and plethora of delicious temptations at happy hour, parties, and restaurants can spell trouble for dieters.

So, today and in the weeks to come, head into your weekend with a premedidated schedule. Set aside time for exercise, and avoid lots of downtime at home.

Make an ambitious to-do list and plan events and activities to keep you busy so you’re not lounging around at home all day surrounded by food. Avoid grazing: stick to your usual breakfast-lunch-snack-dinner routine, and make sure you plate your food and sit down to regular meals, just like on weekdays.

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