Valentine's Day shout-out from first lady: 'Hey Barack'

In case the president wasn't sure who his Valentine was, his wife reminded him on Friday.

First Lady Michelle Obama sent out photos on Twitter and Instagram of her and President Obama dancing, smiling and kissing. Accompanying the photos was the message, "Hey Barack, I'll always be your valentine! #HappyValentinesDay –mo." 

This isn't the first time the love birds have exchanged pleasantries on the day of love. In 2012, the president tweeted his wife — and his 41 million other followers — a happy Valentine's Day.

The couple will be spending the holiday apart, as the president is splitting his time between meeting with House Democrats in Maryland, traveling to California to discuss the drought with farmers and to greet the King Abdullah II of Jordan. But the love is alive through social media. 

Michelle Obama's effortless style

Image: First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts Talent Show At White House
Alex Wong

The first lady looks as sophisticated in designer dresses as she does in outfits from J. Crew.


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