Paul Ryan and P90X: A love story

Aug. 15, 2012 at 1:39 PM ET

No matter your opinion of Paul Ryan's politics, we call can agree on one thing: Dude is fit. The Wisconsin congressman relies on the intense P90X workouts to keep him healthy -- he even leads a P90X class for a dozen members of congress. "Tony Horton, the creator of it, comes and works out with us every few months," Ryan says. 

And while it's not easy to stick to a diet and exercise program while on the campaign trail, Ryan has already been spotted in hotel gyms, following along with the P90X routine on his iPad. 

Since being named Mitt Romney's running mate on Saturday, Horton, the man behind Ryan's favorite fitness program, says he's seen a "mild bump" in business. He chatted with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie this morning, giving a brief intro to P90X for the uninitiated. 

Horton theorizes that people are drawn to P90X because the program is too varied and intense to ever become boring. "It's cardio, it's resistance, yoga," he says. "The idea is to avoid plateaus and injuries, and the kinds of things that keep you from sustaining fitness. They are seeing results."