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Little boy wins our hearts with response to mom’s baby news: ‘This is exasperating!’

"What were you thinking?" That’s what one little boy with an impressive vocabulary wanted to know after being told by his mom that she was expecting a third child. 

When Shanee Gibson Hart of Fort Lewis, Washington, shared the news about her pregnancy with her son, Tré, she caught his priceless reaction in a video posted to her Facebook page. It's since been shared more than 163,000 times.

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Little boy on mom’s pregnancy: ‘This is exasperating!’

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Little boy on mom’s pregnancy: ‘This is exasperating!’

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“Why you have to just get another baby? You just have two!” the young boy exclaims in the video, gesturing at times to his toddler sister sitting next to him. "This is exasperating!”

Watch the full video: Little boy doesn't want his mom to have a new baby

Tré makes it very clear why he’s so upset: He doesn’t want to share his parents' affections. Clearly, two children should be plenty for his parents. But the boy's breakdown continues even after his mother gently explains that he and his sister can never be replaced.

“This makes no sense," Tré responds.

The TODAY anchors couldn’t get enough of Tré when they watched the video Thursday morning.

“Write down his name because he’s going to be a star,” said Willie Geist, who couldn’t get over just how “exasperating” the boy found his dilemma. “Tré, we love you.”

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