Summer Shape-up

Jenna Wolfe kicks Natalie Morales's butt with a 10-minute workout

May 11, 2012 at 8:18 AM ET

Sure, you’ve seen TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe breaking news stories with Lester Holt on the weekends from Studio 1A, but did you know that she’s also a personal trainer? Passionate about fitness despite her hectic schedule, she often does what's called a "pyramid workout" when she travels for work in order to keep in shape while she is on the road.

The Pyramid Workout does not use any equipment or weights, meaning that she (or you!) can do it at home, in a hotel room, or anywhere else. You just have to be able to count! It is a series of ten moves done for a certain number of reps. The first move (jumping jacks) is a hundred reps, then for each subsequent move the reps are decreased by 10, until the final one (kick-drops), is executed for only 10 reps.

Jenna says that doing this once is the perfect warm-up before you go for a run or, done four times, can be a complete full-body workout for the day.

Her fellow TODAY journalist, Natalie Morales, was up for the challenge of learning Jenna’s workout routine. (Natalie herself is no newbie to workouts -- she’s a marathon runner!) The two go through each of the movements in an easy-to-follow way so that you, too, can learn the workout!

See the video, above, to hop in the gym with these two sporty TODAY anchors.

Jenna Wolfe's pyramid workout:

1. Jumping jacks, 100 reps

2. Butt kickers, 90 reps

3. High knees, 80 reps

4. Kicks, 70 reps

5. Mountain climber, 60 reps

6. Toy soldiers, 50 reps

7. Should side to side, 40 reps

8. Inner heels, 30 reps

9. Basketball jump shots, 20 reps

10. Kick drops, 10 reps

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