Jenna Wolfe

'Jamaican' me tired! Lester tries Jenna's island workout

Oct. 7, 2012 at 2:16 PM ET

Lester and I solidified our bond recently with some shared blood, sweat and, yes, even some tears. We continued our annual tradition of having Lester take one of my tougher boot camps.

We did this last year after Mr. Gym Rat Holt asked me to help him shake up his workout routine. It turned out to be a fitness tutorial that ended with Lester begging for mercy (but don't worry, he loved it).

This year we did it again, but this time we worked out under the hot Caribbean sun while shooting a story down in Jamaica. Did I add some new moves? You know it. Did I include more repetitions and multiple muscle groups? Absolutely. Did I shorten the rest between exercises? I may have (that means yes). Did Lester last about 19 minutes before complaining that he had heat stroke? (He didn't have heat stroke.) But yes.

Truth is, Lester could have handled all of it -- if we were indoors. But the blazing heat was debilitating, and that was where he had trouble.

The scenery was spectacular, the music was fun, the moves were challenging and the company was bliss, but the heat was tough. I'm used to training outdoors, but my weekend partner was not. It can very dangerous to train in the heat. Hydration, rest and more hydration are keys to healthy workouts outdoors.

Bottom line, we had a blast. And you don't have to have 20/20 vision to see what great shape Lester is in -- with or without my help.

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