Here are the top 10 'bikeable' cities. Did yours make the list?

May 16, 2012 at 2:55 PM ET

Don Ryan / AP /
Bicyclists travel with traffic down Broadway Street in Portland, Ore.

Biking across your city can be a great way to sneak in a workout while getting from Place A to Place B -- not to mention, you'll avoid traffic jams and you never have to fight for parking. If you've been wanting to try a two-wheel commute, now might be the perfect time, as we happen to be approaching National Bike to Work Day (Friday), which comes at the end of National Bike to Work Week (this week), which is all part of National Bike Month (May). What, you didn't know that already? 

Walk Score, the site that rates neighborhoods for their "walkability," just released a list of the top 10 most bike-friendly cities. Each city in this initial top 10 list is scored based on the number and quality of bike lanes and trails, destinations and road connectivity, number of bike commuters and hills. (Speaking of hills, San Francisco nabbed the third spot on the list. San Fran cyclists, we'd love to hear your strategies for handling those hills!)

A score of 90 to 100 means the city is a "Biker's Paradise"; scoring 70 to 89 means the area is "Very Bikeable," while 50 to 69 means the city is merely "Bikeable." Any lower than that, and the city is deemed only "Somewhat Bikeable." A trio of public health professors at the University of British Columbia helped develop Bike Score. 

Check below to see if your home made the list. If your city is left out, Bike Score invites you to tweet your annoyance at the oversight -- scores for the top 10 most-tweeted-about cities will be added next.

Bike Score's most "bikeable" cities:

1.  Minneapolis (Bike Score: 79) 

2.  Portland (Bike Score: 70) 

3.  San Francisco (Bike Score: 70) 

4.  Boston (Bike Score: 68) 

5.  Madison  (Bike Score: 67) 

6.  Washington, D.C. (Bike Score: 65) 

7.  Seattle (Bike Score: 64) 

8.  Tucson (Bike Score: 64)  

9.  New York (Bike Score: 62) 

10.  Chicago (Bike Score: 62)