'A better life': Viewers changed, inspired by 30 Days to a Better You

For the last month, TODAY viewers have been making big changes in their lives.

When the 30 Days to a Better You series began in March, over 140,000 viewers signed up and took part in Jenna Wolfe’s daily tips and challenges. As the series wraps up, viewers told Wolfe how the changes they've made in the last month have made an impact in their lives. 

“I watched Jenna talk about this challenge,” said Ann Caponigro, an elementary school teacher from Michigan, "and I decided, ‘Hey, I could do that.’”

Caponigro used the challenge to inspire others, and began a running club that meets twice per week. She said being fit and healthy is “just making sure that you're okay with what you look like and what you act like.”

The series offered daily tips such as easy exercises, nutrition guidelines and more. When it began, Wolfe told viewers, "You put effort into your job, you put effort into raising your kids, put a little effort into your health and fitness." 

Wolfe made sure nearly anyone could take part in the series, and Dave Lipp, a 68-year-old retiree from Richmond, Va., showed that it's never too late to mix up a routine. Since beginning the challenge, he said he's exercising more and eating healthier. He lost a few pounds and said his body fat has gone down as well.

“There's no fun in being a couch potato,” he said.

Wolfe praised his progress, saying, “So you’re obviously proof that you can do anything, anytime, at any age.”

Vicki Wilson, of Germantown, Ohio, made the series a family affair, and recruited her son Kiernan to do it with her.

“I'm the one who sets examples for him, it's my job to teach him, and I've not done a very good job so far about fitness,” Wilson said.

The mom and son team started with a focus on portion control and have continued to work on making themselves better every day.

Another viewer, Allgra Hallyard, 53, is a retired naval officer from Virginia Beach, Va. She told Wolfe the series has meant the world to her.

“It means a better life,” she said.

To mark the success of 30 Days to a Better You, the anchors and viewers celebrated with an obstacle course relay in the plaza on Saturday.

On Sunday, Wolfe gave some additional pointers on how viewers can continue to be inspired and make changes in the future. She encouraged people to look at their food diaries and see how they can improve, and to also make sure to celebrate success when it's earned.

"Just remember, there are ways to celebrate without yanking yourself off course," Wolfe said. "Our 30 days together may be over, but we really don't want this path to a better you to stop right there." 

Wolfe said she'll be checking in once per month to keep the momentum going, and viewers can continue to send questions and feedback. 

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