Summer Shape-up

Ask Jenna: What do you typically eat in a day?

May 30, 2012 at 3:05 AM ET

Have your healthiest summer yet! Ease into the dreaded "swimsuit season" with healthy tips from TODAY experts. All throughout May, we'll offer smart do-it-yourself ways to look, eat and feel better. So stop stressing about that swimsuit, and read on.

Q: What is a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks for you in a day? – Susan Stocks

A: I’m a creature of habit (for the most part). I have a protein shake for breakfast (protein powder, powdered greens, almond milk, ice). I’ll have an apple and almond butter for a snack 2 hours later. For lunch, I love a big salad with a light protein on top (shrimp, tuna, beans). For a late afternoon snack, I’ll have some veggies and hummus or a bar. For dinner, it’s usually fish and veggies with a salad or soup to start (to fill up the belly before my meal). I love something sweet after dinner so I’ll have rice milk ice cream or almond milk based yogurt with a decaf cappuccino. 

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