Aaay! 'Fonzie fetus' inspires TODAY viewers to share hilarious ultrasound photos

The baby is months away from being born, yet has already become a social media sensation.

An ultrasound image showing the tyke flashing a thumbs-up sign has gone viral. Originally posted on Reddit and dubbed the “Fonzie fetus,” after the Henry Winkler character on “Happy Days," the photo inspired TODAY viewer to share ultrasound pictures of their own in-utero expressionists. 

Aaaay! The

And do these little buggers know how to get their point across! Ladies and gentlemen, we present: 

The peacenik:

Lisa Tolin/TODAY
Soon to be spotted at a protest near you.

Muscle man:

Jennifer Layden/Facebook
Which way to the beach?

The Thinker:

Virginia Johns/Facebook
Resolving all the problems of the in-utero world.


Megan Mazza/Facebook
Waiting for my first manicure.

'Titanic' hand:

Jennifer Douberly/Facebook
No pictures please! I'm still baking!

The bird:

Tiffany Sizemore-Ruiz/Facebook
Somebody wasn't happy about being cooped up.

Thumb sucker:

Dawn Renze/Facebook
Joining millions of like-minded individuals everywhere.

Hook'em horns!

Nikole Strickland/Facebook
A future Longhorn.

Face palm:

Casey Smith/Facebook
If anyone asks, I'm not coming out.

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