30 Days to a Better You

30 Days to a Better You: Jenna gives her workout a makeover

March 8, 2014 at 12:59 PM ET

Video: Mixing up a workout is one of the best ways to stay in shape. As TODAY anchor (and certified personal trainer) Jenna Wolfe says, “If you’re getting bored, your muscles probably are as well.” She tried a hip hop class as part of her 30 Days to a Better You series.

Bored with your usual workout? Your muscles might be, too. 

Changing exercise routines every three to four weeks can trigger something called “muscle confusion”: As muscles become exposed to new routines, they are forced to work harder in response. The end result: stronger muscles and increased energy levels.

“Do something your muscles aren’t used to,” said TODAY's Jenna Wolfe, who is also a certified personal trainer. “They will have to work harder, they will have to think harder, and you will eventually end up burning more calories in the process.”

Jenna tries to keep up in a hip hop dance class.
Jenna tries to keep up in a hip hop dance class.

As part of TODAY’s 30 Days to a Better You challenge, Jenna decided to throw her own muscles into a world of confusion. She signed up for a hip hop class — and her time in the dance studio might have confused her a little too much.

"Is this anything? I feel like that's something." Jenna asked, while attempting to keep up with the class. “My body just doesn’t move like all these other people.” 

While it wasn’t easy or familiar, Jenna’s change in her routine strengthened her muscles and added a fun change to her regular workouts. (Just don’t expect her dance career to take off anytime soon!)

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