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101-year-old woman's secret to living longer: Chocolate

An Indiana centenarian has a sweet formula for longevity: A daily dose of chocolate.

Courtesy Tammy Gentry
Eunice Modlin's life motto is: You don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.

Eunice Modlin turned 101 on Monday, celebrating the big milestone with a party with her family. The great-great-grandmother, who lives in Boonville, Indiana, with her son, wasn’t available for an interview, but her granddaughter shared some of her longevity secrets.

“She eats two pieces of dark chocolate every day,” Tammy Modlin Gentry told TODAY. “She’s always limited herself to two pieces so she didn’t [gain weight].”

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Courtesy Tammy Gentry
Eunice Modlin turned 101 years old on Jan. 16.

Modlin also believes eating vegetables from the garden and never drinking alcohol or smoking has allowed her to live a long, healthy life, Gentry said. The centenarian is losing her eyesight and her balance is off, but she still goes to church and prayer meetings. Modlin’s bloodwork shows her health is very good, she added.

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Gentry said her grandmother’s life motto is: You don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.

Longevity seems to run in the family: When Modlin turned 100 last year, her relatives flew in her 99-year-old brother from Texas to attend the party.

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Courtesy Tammy Gentry
Eunice celebrates her 100th birthday with her 99-year-old brother Jake Hardesty in January 2016.

When she was younger, Modlin was known for her archery skills, a sport she took up in her 20s. Her husband made the bows for the family and they traveled all over the country to compete. At one time, Modlin was in The Guinness Book of World Records for the farthest arrow shot, Gentry said.

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Courtesy Tammy Gentry
Modlin at 23. She loved archery, a sport she took up as a young woman.

She lived through the Great Depression and other tough times, but remained optimistic.

“My grandfather, her one true love, passed away in 1991 and she’s still going,” she added. “I get choked up because it’s my grandma, whom I love to the moon and back.”

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