Which food would you take when you cash in your chips?

Sep. 26, 2011 at 3:25 PM ET

Paul Sakuma / AP /

The man who led the team that invented Doritos died earlier this month, and his daughter says the family will honor him with, well, Doritos!

"We are tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn," his daughter, Jana Hacker, told the Dallas Morning News. "He'll love it."

It got us thinking: Which food item would we want to peace out with?

I'd say Fromager d'Affinois (a salty triple-cream cheese) with a crusty bread (clearly not as shelf-stable as Doritos, but oh so delicious and even worse for your health). Here's what a few other staffers had to say:

"Forget the casket. Just put me in a pizza box. A perfect, New York style cheese slice will (hopefully) be my last meal anyway." – Kurt Schlosser

"I hope I can snack on my Aunt Susan’s homemade tricolor cookies in my afterlife. She always makes these colorful layers of goodness during the holidays and for family gatherings. They will always remind me of the good times I have shared with friends and family. The ones you can buy at the supermarket or at the bakery are not the same." -- Emily Christensen-Flowers 

"There is a family-owned chain of restaurants in northern New Jersey called It’s Greek to Me. As a Greek salad aficionado, I am always on the lookout for the perfect one. And this is as close as I have found. Last Saturday I found myself near the Clifton branch and got one to go. It was heaven in a plastic bowl. So what’s so special? The salad consists of perfectly crisp strips of romaine lettuce with white onion, green peppers, tomatoes and a single banana pepper tossed with crumbled feta and some sort of subtle red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing with one stuffed grape leaf nestled on the side. And always topped with their amazing strips of grilled chicken." – Susan Houriet

"Is it possible to be wrapped, like a mummy, in bacon? Because I’d like for my family to look into that. Consider this your notification, people. Get on it." -- Amy DiLuna

"Sweet potatoes! They are just so good because the sweet potatoes are so soft, but also juicy with butter mixed in and brown sugar sprinkled on top to give it a sweet flavor that leaves my mouth watering for more. It’s the perfect party in your mouth.  A little slice of heaven for your taste buds." -- Kyle Michael Miller

"The optimist in me says Twinkies (hey, we can all dream about living forever, right?), but the New Yorker in me says a bagel and large black coffee (preferably in a travel mug). Hey, it has to stay warm for a long time!" -- Ian Sager

"You know Smarties, those rolls of little candies made entirely of refined sugar and artificial coloring? I'd take an afterlife-time supply of those. I figure once I'm dead I won't need my teeth anyhow." -- Rick Schindler

"If, God forbid, I were to tragically pass away before my time – crushed by a falling candy vending machine, perhaps – I think it would be a totally appropriate tribute for people to scatter Twix on my grave. I was majorly craving candy and I didn’t have any in the house and I couldn’t go out because my son was sleeping. So the next day, I bought a bunch of Twix and hid them around the house (I didn’t want my husband to find and eat them). And then I forgot where most of them are. So occasionally I find a Twix bar somewhere unexpected like my sock drawer, which is nice. But I realize that if I do drop dead unexpectedly, my grieving relatives will find a bunch of random Twix bars as they’re sorting through my things. Which will be confusing, but also delicious for them." -- Rebecca Dube

So tell us, in detail, what food would you want to go to the grave with?