Natalie Morales

Want the perfect wine? Take a lesson in blending

May 31, 2011 at 10:44 AM ET

The TODAY crew gets a lesson in the fine art of blending their own wine, a trend that’s catching on among Americans around the country. Crushpad winery in Sonoma even offers classes on creating blends.

So what did the anchors think about wine before they got their lesson?

Meredith: “I know white or red, but beyond that I’m really bad”

Al: “It comes in a bottle, sometimes in a box… Is it too oaky? Too fruity? Too heavy? … just pour something that’s wet and let me drink it!”

Natalie: “I like to drink a glass every now and again, more now than again”

Watch the video to get some tips to use for your own blends and find out whose wine won a taste test judged by Kathie Lee, Hoda and Gary Vaynerchuck of Daily Grape.