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Try this recipe for losing pounds

Dr. Robert Atkins, the father of the low-carb lifestyle, passed away in 2003 but his memory lives on with his Atkins Nutritional Approach — an eating plan touted to rebalance your nutrition so that you improve your energy level, your appearance and gain a sense of well-being. Dr Atkins’ widow and director of the Atkins Foundation, Veronica, was invited on the “Today” show to share a healthy taste from her new cookbook, "Atkins for Life Low-Carb Cookbook." Here are the recipes:

Excerpted from “Atkins for Life Low-Carb Cookbook: More than 250 Recipes for Every Occasion,” by Veronica Atkins, Stephanie Nathanson, and Robert C. Atkins. Copyright © 2004 by Veronica Atkins. Published by St. Martin's Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt can be used without permission of the publisher.