Too good to eat? Artist turns vegan breakfasts into masterpieces

Anamaria Finta creates her masterpieces before most of us have had our first cup of coffee.

The Austria-based artist started a personal project two years ago trying to eat vegan. The experiment was only meant to last one month but Ana was so hooked she's been a vegan ever since. Her latest art project involves her taste buds as much as her artistic eye, and it's a great way for her to show how varied and fun vegan food can be.

She draws most of her inspiration from childhood memories and art as well as "casual things like walking through a park and seeing flowers in bloom," Ana told via email.

Image: Vegetable flowers on a bed of bread. Ana Finta
Ana sculpted cream cheese, salad, watercress, tomatoes and bell pepper to create a tiny flower field on a slice of bread.

With meals as exotic and picturesque as Ana's, I can only imagine the kind of fresh food heaven her kitchen must be.

"My [fridge] is always full to the limit!" she said, proving me right. Her ice box is always full with the last season's produce and she preserves fruits and vegetables so that she can use them all year round.

(Sidenote: Old Mother Hubbard over here literally never has food in her pantry. I'm quite jealous.) 

"I enjoy walking by the market stalls, which are filled with seasonal, colourful vegetables, fruits and flowers," she wrote. "I like to support the local farmers by buying most of my vegetables and fruits there."

Image: Strawberry smoothie bowl styled by Ana Finta Ana Finta
I may be allergic to strawberries, but this smoothie bowl with dried figs and chia looks so tasty.

Her dishes may look magical, but each one requires patience and a precise design. Ana has had her fair share of "food fails," but she encourages other Instagrammers to know that it's all just part of the process. She even offered up a pro tip: she recommends using a sharp knife and spoon to "paint" with.

Want to see more of Ana's mouth-watering creations? Check out this slideshow and get ready to crave vegan!

Plated to perfection: Vegan breakfasts sculpted into art

Ana Finta creates her masterpieces before most of us have had our first cup of coffee. She uses fresh, healthy ingredients to construct artworks so charming, you’ll want to gobble them up.

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