At SXSW, nerds geek out over their favorite eats

March 16, 2012 at 8:22 AM ET

SXSW Interactive is one big nerdfest – and here, being a nerd means you’re one of the cool kids. And these cool kids throw down during a week of non-stop partying at the Austin conference. Baratunde Thurston, comedian and digital editor of The Onion, stopped by the TODAY Munchie Mobiles to share a little bit about his favorite munchies, and we twisted his arm into telling us his favorite way to cook up an onion (yeah, we went there). Watch the video to get some of his foodie insight. And below, we asked some other cool folks from the digital world to share their best hangover eats and other morning munchies.

Ryan Lawler, staff writer for business technology site GigaOM

Best hangover breakfast: Hangover breakfast is more about the beverages than anything else. Coffee to wake up, water to rehydrate and a Bloody Mary for a bit of that hair of the dog. But also: Eggs! And bacon! And potatoes! It doesn't really matter how they fit together – could be a bacon and Swiss omelette with hash browns or a scramble with bacon on the side or some sort of potato hash thing, but put them all together and you've got all the essential parts of a well-balanced hangover breakfast.

Guilty pleasure breakfast: Maybe steak and eggs? It's been forever since I had it, but if you don't mind a 2,000 calorie breakfast, it's not a bad way to go.

Courtney Boyd Myers, features editor for The Next Web

Hangover breakfast: Two Bloody Marys plus an omelette with plantains and cojita cheese, with a side of whole wheat toast and fig jam.

Guilty pleasure breakfast: An aperol spritzer and eating the French toast off of my boyfriend's plate.

Hugh Forrest, SXSW interactive festival director

Hangover breakfast: Everyone in Austin like migas – Tex-Mex scrambled eggs. It helps a lot with hangovers, and breakfast tacos are also pretty popular. I don’t eat that much meat but I love sausage – barbecued sausage – I could probably be a vegetarian if not for that.

Guilty pleasure breakfast: For the last month I’ve eaten Cheetos for breakfast lunch and dinner. When I’m really stressed out, they taste very good.

Vidya Rao is a food editor. Her favorite hangover breakfast is a toasted everything bagel with so much cream cheese it might actually make you sick just looking at it.

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