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Sweet! It's National Pancake Week

Feb. 22, 2011 at 7:54 AM ET

Photo courtesy of IHOP /

February 19-25 is National Pancake Week -- not to be confused with March 1st, which is National Pancake Day.  In honor of these most stackable cakes, IHOP is offering free pancakes for a year to a do-gooder that the breakfast chain deems worthy of its fluffy vertical prize.  Contest participants must simply fill out this form to enter, which requires you to recount a recent good deed you've done.  (Note: Saving the last bite of pancake from drowning in a pool of syrup doesn't count.)  And for those of us that can't think of one simple do-gooder story because we've been too busy eating pancakes, don't worry, IHOP forgives you on March 1 (with a free breakfast).  So, a preemptive congrats to the Stacks for Good Acts winner on being 90 pounds fatter this time next year.

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