Paula Deen

'Sexy' Paula Deen gets flirty with Matt Lauer

Oct. 11, 2011 at 10:31 AM ET


Our favorite butter babe recently took the title of Maxim’s sexiest female chef on TV, and she wasted no time showing Matt why she deserved the win. In a segment filled with just the right amount of double entendres, Paula fried up chicken thighs and made buttermilk mashed potatoes, with side of heavy flirtation (wink)!

When Matt asked her why she adds buttermilk to her mashed potatoes, Paula got a little touchy-feely.

“The buttermilk just gives it a little tang, just a little bite,” she said, as she moved close to Matt and pinched his cheek.

“You turn into the sexiest chef on TV, and you start flirting with everybody,” Matt said.

When she wasn’t satisfied with the way Matt was mashing his potatoes, she let him know. “Do it like you mean it, baby, you got the fist action going now.”

And what happens when lonely potatoes don’t get the attention they deserve?

“Let me tell you a great way to keep your potatoes hot while you’re waiting,” Paula said with her sultry Southern twang as she came up behind Matt, who was giggling nervously, and snuggled him.

“I know where this is going,” he said. “I know all about keeping my potatoes hot.”

No, but seriously, how do we keep our potatoes hot if we don’t have our own Matt Lauer at home? Watch the video to find out.