Pint-sized controversy, fun facts for St. Patty's Day

March 17, 2011 at 8:27 AM ET /

On St. Patrick's Day, one of the most popular ways to celebrate is to throw back an Irish Car Bomb or two. But like most things these days, even your brew etymology can get complicated. The name Irish Car Bomb has recently come under attack (pun intended) by critics who claim the IRA reference is offensive and politically incorrect. We'll let Saint Patrick be the ultimate judge of that debate, but in the meantime, allow us to turn your attention to the kind of Irish Car bomb that will make everyone's Irish eyes smile.

Fun facts for Irish Car Bomb ingredients: 

Guinness:  The Auld Dubliner in California holds the Guinness World Record for pouring the world's largest Guinness back in 2009. Want to get more Guinness in your life? Endless Simmer shares 100 ways to cook with the brew.

Jameson: Jameson Whiskey is setting the bar high today, hoping to extend its celebration worldwide over 48 hours across four continents and seven time zones. Will you be joining?

Bailey's Irish Cream: Bailey's gets a shout out in this YouTube sensation. Tune in your shamrocks at 1:15 in the video.