Padma Lakshmi: I don't watch 'Top Chef'

Nov. 16, 2012 at 6:36 AM ET

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Don't get too close, Padma knows what you've been eating.

Padma Lakshmi isn't afraid of sharing her opinions on food, or flaunting her rockin' body. The former model turned “Top Chef” host appears in the December issue of Playboy magazine, which hits the stands November 20. The feature revealed all sorts of saucy tidbits, from what kitchen essentials every eligible bachelor should master to what food shows she refuses to watch.

Surprisingly, one of those shows is “Top Chef,” which just premiered its 10th season. Lakshmi tells Playboy that she is disenchanted with food celebrities, saying that while chefs like Bobby Flay may be “great,” she’s just not interested in watching them on TV. And when it comes to men entering the kitchen, Lakshmi sees a big difference in the way the two sexes approach the stove.

“When men cook it tends to be an event … It's like 'I'm making this food for you. It's an accomplishment,'” she said. “Whereas when women cook they do it as a service: 'I've produced something that is comforting, nourishing, yummy, sensual, and decadent.’”

To that end, the Indian beauty reveals what she believes should be every man's secret weapon in the kitchen: a good roast chicken. And don't even think about messing it up if you plan on getting anywhere with Lakshmi. She is, after all, known for her sensitive palate. “If I kissed you, I could probably tell what you had for lunch.” (Don't tempt us, Pads.)

As if the steamy Carl's Jr. commercials and weren't enough to get fans riled up, Lakshmi shows off her figure, scars and all, in lacey white lingerie in the men's mag. And she goes on to reveal what turns her on in the bedroom. “Sex is good when the attraction is good. It’s not a technical skill,” Lakshmi said. “If my mind is engaged, the body will follow.”

After seeing the shots in the issue, we can bet there will be plenty of readers with their minds, um, engaged.

Read the full interview here.

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