Meet Burger King's new Mac-n-Cheetos, a mashup that's blowing our minds

Like in the early episodes of “Glee,” there is something strangely appealing about a mashup.

Take Burger King’s new Mac n’ Cheetos — face it, you’re intrigued.

The dish, basically, bite-sized, portable mac 'n cheese, is set to roll out June 27 for a limited time at participating stores, and is the latest creation in the race of fast-food mashups.

Just as Taco Bell used a snack-aisle favorite, Doritos, as a taco shell, Burger King is using what we’ll call Cheeto dust to encase its new handheld mac-and-cheese dish.

On the outside, the snacks look startlingly like oversized Cheetos, with the familiar shape and neon-orange color. Take a bite, though, and you’ll find warm, gooey mac and cheese on the inside.

Burger King

Mac n’ Cheetos will sell for $2.49 for five pieces.

The snack, served in a fry-box-like carrying case, is for “for anyone who ever wished they could eat warm mac n’ cheese like they do a bag of chips,” according to the company.

We can’t say we’ve ever had the urge to eat portable macaroni and cheese, but now that they mention it…it does sound pretty good.

Burger King stands to seriously cash in if the history of Taco Bell’s Locos Tacos is any indication. Within about a year of the Locos Tacos launch, the item passed $1 billion — yes, billion with a b — in sales. When Taco Bell first teased fans with a Facebook picture of its Doritos taco, the photo almost immediately garnered 132,000 likes and 12,000 comments.

The chain would not comment to TODAY on whether the snack was tested in any markets before its nationwide rollout, though some diners have reported spotting it in Southern California and Indiana restaurants. And in Pennsylvania, diners have spotted a Whopperrito — yes, a Whopper in burrito form — in testing, an indication that BK might be on a mashup roll.

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Whopperrito: Burger King testing food mashup

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Whopperrito: Burger King testing food mashup

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