May the fromage be with you: 'Grillenium Falcon' serves up galactic grub at warp speed

May 24, 2011 at 2:40 PM ET

Justin Gage at /

Not such a long, long time ago, in a community not so far away – Fayetteville, Ark. -- …

Further pushing the envelope of food truck innovation, a bold new vending vehicle hit the streets of Fayetteville with a fresh twist on comestible commerce, specifically aimed at foodies, cinephiles and sci-fi geeks alike. While christening the truck "The Grillenium Falcon" may be a galactically audacious choice (as Eater pointed out, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas is often ready to release his legal stormtroopers on such ventures, with blasters set on “sue”), Chad and Alison Hammontree of Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese hope that the Falcon -- which sells pun-laden sammies like the “Cheebacca,” “Jack to the Future” and “Parmageddon” – will be a wild success.

In the event that the Hammontrees do attain the blessings from the Lucas camp (and the filmmaker isn’t struck with a bout of galactose intolerance), why not expand the menu and offer, say, a “Boba Feta,” “a “Tuscan raider” or maybe a tasty “Ewok-monsieur”? (All right, I’ll admit it; that last one was a bit of a stretch).