Martha throws the perfect Thanksgiving party -- do you?

Nov. 22, 2011 at 10:28 AM ET

Martha Stewart is often a guest in TODAY’s Kitchen, but this year, the TODAY family got a taste of Thanksgiving at the home of the ultimate hostess.

Martha invited Matt, Ann, Al and Natalie over to her sprawling home in Bedford, N.Y. Before they got a chance to eat though, Martha put the TODAY anchors to work. Matt was charged with collecting eggs from the chicken coop, Al helped churn out sweet apple cider on a vintage press and Natalie made cider bourbon cocktails.

While peeling apples, Matt quipped, “Making apple pie? There’s a perfectly good Shop Rite down the street.”


But one thing he couldn’t deny was how detail oriented and, well, perfect Martha is when it comes to being a hostess.


“You know, you look at the magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and you think, ‘Wow this stuff could never be real ... and in her house, it’s all in real life,” Matt added. “From the fire, to the table to the cornbread in the shape of a turkey —”

“It was like, perfect!” Ann said.

Martha is definitely a Thanksgiving overachiever. Tell us: Are you a perfectionist when it comes to throwing a party? On what detail are you a real stickler?