Jamie Oliver: 'I want Brad Pitt to play me' in film

Aug. 13, 2012 at 2:28 PM ET

Jamie Oliver has his sights set on one actor to play him in a movie loosely based on his reality show.

While British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was cooking up some classic and modern English treats for us in London, we were interested in getting the dish on his latest endeavor.

Oliver's reality show “Food Revolution,” about getting kids to eat healthy, has inspired a big-screen comedy. The movie, called “Food Fight,” is set to be produced by Ryan Seacrest, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Involving a “hot Los Angeles chef” who ends up working with a “ragtag group of kids” to revamp a school’s lunch program, the film is said to be “loosely based” on Oliver’s work and show. Comedians Will Ferrell and Seann William Scott are reportedly on the shortlist to play Oliver in the film.  

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In the right light, we can see the resemblance between Jamie Oliver and Brad Pitt.

But the chef says there’s only one actor who will fit the bill.

“I want Brad Pitt to play me,” he told TODAY.com in London.  “He’s the only guy I want. It’d be a good job for Brad to get — I think it’d be good for him to get into some serious cooking.”

And what if, y’know, Brad is just too busy? Oliver says he’d consider Matt Damon as an alternative, emphasizing, “But I want Pitt. My sights are set high.”

Oliver couldn’t tell us exactly where the project’s production stands.

“If it’s going to be made, who knows? I’m not going to rest my hopes on it, but I’d really love to see it made,” he said.  “I think it’d be fantastic.”

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