Ice cream-flavored cookies put a taste of summer in the oven

Aug. 8, 2012 at 10:23 AM ET

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Cheryl's ice cream flavored cookies, including (from top to bottom) the Buttercream Frosted Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip and Banana Split with Walnuts.

Experiencing late summer ice cream fatigue (what?!)? Tired of eating the same old frozen desserts? Here's a sweet treat that gives ice cream an interesting twist.

Ohio-based Cheryl's Gourmet Cookies is celebrating summer with a line of ice cream-flavored cookies. They're serving up everything from sugar cookies topped with a citrusy sherbet frosting to Frosted Mint Chocolate Chip, which tastes remarkably like mint chocolate chip ice cream (or its closer cookie cousin, a York Peppermint Patty), with its chocolate-cookie base plus green frosting to add that refreshing bite of mint.

The cookies themselves are of the fluffy cake-like variety, which I think lends itself more to these flavors than a hard, crisp confectionery might. (Perhaps it's the association with cake a la mode that makes it seem like a good texture to pair with these ice cream flavors).

I sampled the entire "ice cream truck" of cookies and quickly discovered that my favorite variety was the banana split. The cookie was like banana bread with walnut chunks, rounded out with rich chocolate frosting. Another favorite was the Chocolate Marshmallow Pecan (presumably aiming to be like Rocky Road). 

Brandon Goodwin / /
Cheryl's Banana Split with Walnuts cookie.

Other varieties, however, were almost disorienting; it was strange to experience such a familiar flavor not in the form of cold ice cream. The Buttercream Frosted Orange Citrus, for instance, just left me wanting a push-up pop, and the Buttercream Frosted Strawberry reminded me more of strawberry soda pop than of a heaping cone of strawberry ice cream.

When it comes down to it, I think it's the chocolate-centric flavors that seemed to translate best from ice cream to cookie. Still, the others were certainly fun twists on your classic sugar cookie or chocolate chip.

Since there's free shipping around the country, it's worth a try to discover what pleases your palate. 

Katie Quinn is a video producer at and a self-proclaimed ice cream addict. She, in fact, does not believe in such a thing as ice cream fatigue.

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