How to make your own fabulous Easter desserts

When you're crazy-busy putting together an Easter meal for your family and friends, it's tempting to just go out and buy a bunny-themed cake or a few dozen pastel-frosted cupcakes. But this year, try whipping up your own holiday sweets: These eight lovely DIY Easter desserts are easier than they look, and think how impressed your guests will be (especially the little ones).  

Easter bird-nest cake

This stunning holiday showpiece is made with layers of carrot cake and chocolate buttercream frosting. Clever piping gives the final layer of frosting that nest-like look.

Easter meringue cookies

A few drops of food coloring and a bit of orange extract turn these light-as-air meringues into elegant Easter sweets, perfect for displaying in small bowls on the buffet or on side tables in the living room.

Surprise-inside dotted cake

The best surprise in this Bundt cake recipe? The festive, colorful dessert comes together in under an hour if you use store-bought ingredients.

M&M cookie pie

The moist, buttery dough in this candy-studded pie requires no mixer and just one bowl. You can easily adapt the recipe for any holiday, and use your favorite leftover candy from the pantry.

Chocolate Easter-bunny cake

This irresistibly festive Easter cake is simpler than it looks to decorate, and everything is edible—even the “grass.”

Cadbury Cream-inspired cookie cups

Use homemade or storebought cookie dough to prepare these chewy, chocolate-laced cookie cups, then fill them up with an easy-to-make Cadbury-style cream.

Chocolate Easter-nest cupcakes

These made-from-scratch treats combine chocolate-buttermilk batter with a rich cocoa frosting. Bake the cupcakes in advance, then decorate them just before party time. 

Salted-caramel Easter popcorn

Caramel, chocolate, sea salt and crispy pretzels—this pretty pastel popcorn mix has it all. Leave it out for snacking during drinks before the Easter meal, or serve it family-style as a finger-friendly dessert.

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