How do Americans like their turkey? The results are in

Nov. 20, 2012 at 2:04 PM ET

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"Deep-fried turkey" tops Google's search results this holiday, but "vegan Thanksgiving" and "gluten-free" are on the rise.

Thanksgiving turkey is an American icon. Despite the prevalent online debates over dry- versus wet-brining methods, most home cooks are searching for one thing: deep-frying.

Cooking your bird to a fried crisp is the most-searched technique nationwide, according to Google. And the highest number of queries on how to deep-fry a turkey — perhaps unsurprisingly — come from deep Southern states: South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  

Though Americans love their fryers, a increasing number are concerned with health. “Vegan Thanksgiving” searches went up a whopping 35% from 2010-2011, and "gluten-free" searches went up 53%. The term “organic turkey” is a popular one as well, especially in Washington, Colorado, and Connecticut.

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But why slave over a seitan turkey or fret about a safe distance for your fryer when you can just call it in? Searches for “Thanksgiving catering” are up 12% from last year, reflecting the slight upswing in the economy.

And although pumpkin is the most-searched pie this time of year, it's not the only sweet treat being served on Thanksgiving tables. Folks in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Wisconsin are searching for apple pie, while Southern cooks — in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Oklahoma — are hunting down pecan pie recipes. (Try Tyler Florence’s bourbon pecan pie to find out why it's so popular.)

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On the side, Americans cannot get enough gravy. It beat out cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and stuffing as the most-searched recipe nationwide. A nice big boat full of salty sauce? Now that's something to be thankful for.