Paula Deen

Hoda grills guest host Paula Deen about 'Paula Deen Riding Things'

March 16, 2011 at 1:40 PM ET


While Paula Deen was co-hosting the fourth-hour on Wednesday, TODAY's Hoda grilled the celebrity chef about her recent shenanigans at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, where she got a little crazy riding and licking Food Network star Robert Irvine.

Hoda: A chef lathered himself up with a little bit of butter…

Paula Deen: He knew I was gonna lick it. I knew I wasn’t gonna let him waste my butter on his belly.

Hoda: So that happened. And then later it progressed until you were somehow riding him.

Paula Deen: All of a sudden, he got down on his hands and knees and I said "well, what does he want? He apparently wants to be ridden."

Hoda: This caught the attention of some Website people. They started sending in things that Paula Deen should ride… Look, there you are riding Jimmy Fallon!

Paula Deen: Yes, I love Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the rest of the hysterical interview, after which Paula tweeted: "Was that fun or what!"