Get a taste of the equator: 2 Ecuadorian recipes

Looking to spice up your menu with something unique but simple to make? Ecuador is known for its exotic fruits, countless varieties of fish and seafood and numerous vegetables — especially potatoes. Discover middle earth's traditional hearty fare — roasted pork and delicious potato soup — with chef Henry Richardson.

Roasted pork leg
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    • Whole pork leg
    • Bitter orange juice (or lemon-orange)
    • Cumin powder ( 4 tbls)
    • Oregano (4 tbls)
    • Garlic (16 cloves)
    • Fresh ginger (4 tbls)
    • Annato oil (or oil with paprika) 1 cup
    • Salt (4+2 tbls)
    • Black pepper (1 tbls)
    • Hot red pepper (1) (optional)


Baking Directions:

1. Clean the leg, remove the skin, but leave a layer of fat 2. Blend the orange juice with the garlic, oregano, cumin powder, ginger and the oil. 3. Add 4 tablespoons of salt, black pepper and seeded/chopped red pepper (optional). 4. Liquefy and strain, but save the residue. 5. Inject pork leg with the liquid and cover with the residue plus 2 tablespoons of salt. 6. Bake covered at 325º F for 5 hours, then remove cover and save juices. 7. Put oven on broil and let it brown. 8. Serve hot or cold in slices with some of the juice, or in sandwiches.

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