Get crafty with a banana peel trucker hat

May 15, 2012 at 3:53 PM ET

Brock Davis /
You too can be a rockstar parent or amuse yourself by crafting a banana peel trucker hat.

When we spotted this insanely cute banana peel trucker hat making the rounds, we wanted to accessorize it with a mustache and a PBR.

But the intended purpose of this creation, by Brock Davis, was not to amuse us with hipster-mocking; rather, it was to cheer up Davis’ grumpy kids during breakfast one morning.

The Minneapolis-based artist and creative director has done a few food-related art pieces, including a broccoli treehouse sculpture and a gummy bear-skin rug. “Usually pieces that reinterpret everyday things,” he told via email. “I do these for my kids and for myself.”

Below, Davis shares directions for making your own amusing banana trucker hat. Get to peeling and check out some of his other work.

"1 or 2 bananas. One to make the hat, one to model the hat. This could also be made using one banana. Carve the shape of the hat using an x-acto knife. Leave one of the banana peel sides longer, to make the rim of the hat. Most bananas come with a little sticker. Use this sticker to serve as the logo on the hat, if you want your hat to have a logo.

Simple project, takes about 5 minutes yet the memories will last a lifetime."

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