Fire up the grill for red snapper packets

In this special weekly feature, “Today” food editor Phil Lempert brings you recipes “stolen” (with permission) from notable restaurants across America. See how much fun you can have (and money you can save) by cooking these dishes at home.

THIS WEEK: Grilled red snapper packets recipe was poached from chef Brent Wertz of Kingsmill Resort & Spa in Virginia.

This week’s recipe for grilled red snapper packets was poached from chef Brent Wertz of Kingsmill Resort & Spa in Virginia. This method of cooking in a foil packet — “en papillote” in French, “al cartoccio” in Italian — is especially effective for the fragrant and delicate flavors of fish. The parcel holds in moisture to steam the food, resulting in a light and delicious dish. The food is placed in a folded pouch or parcel and then baked, or in this case, grilled — it steams in the liquid added and in its own juices and the steam that doesn’t escape from the pouch infuses it with even more flavor. The packet can be made from parchment paper, or even a paper bag, and it can be sealed by folding or stapling. It’s a great method for low-fat cooking and for veggies, too!

At the Kingsmill Resort & Spa, the AAA Four-Diamond property is the annual host of the LPGA Michelob ULTRA Open each May — with golf, tennis, fishing, paddle boats, kayaks and Jon Boats in Warhams Pond, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in between meals at one of the many restaurants chef Wertz oversees.


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Chef Brent Wertz, at Kingsmill Resort, August 23, 2005. ©2006 Busch Gardens Entertainment

Image: Chef Brent Wertz, at Kingsmill Resort

KI0823FM01_001H.JPGWiliamsburgVAUSA6326035200000000001PfalsefalseAbout the chef:
A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, chef Brent has worked for Anheuser-Busch since 2002 and as a certified executive chef and beer connoisseur, it is easy to see why he was chosen to be the spokesperson for the beer company’s new cookbook: “Great Food, Great Beer” in which this great recipe is featured!

As vice-president of food and beverage at Kingsmill Resort & Spa Brent oversees 11 food and beverage outlets, including the Bray Bistro, Eagles, Regattas’ Café and Marketplace, Moody’s Tavern and the Marina Bar and Grille, and has introduced trendy beer-pairing dinners at the resort

Grilled red snapper en papillote is served at the restaurant for $28.95. This recipe yields two restaurant servings.

Kingsmill Resort & Spa
1010 Kingsmill Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185
800 832-5665

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