Feast your eyes: Guilty pleasure food photos

Nov. 11, 2011 at 10:04 AM ET

Submitted by Julia Smillie / UGC /
Life-changing triple truffle fries at Franks 'n Dawgs in Chicago.

There's nothing like gorgeous food photos to whet your appetite and inspire the culinary adventurer within you. Each week, we showcase some of the best images from readers who've traveled the globe in search of exciting eats or slaved over the stove to make a luscious creation. Send in your photos here and be sure to tell us what makes your picture so interesting — including where it was taken and a detailed description of the dish.

This week, we're featuring guilty pleasure dishes — from fatty fried dishes to creamy sugar shock desserts. Tell us int he comments below which one has you hungry for more?

Submitted by Laurence Lopez / UGC /
Chocolate pavlova from Chokolait restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. It's light, tasty and super delicious, I could eat the whole cake.
Submitted by Kari Klein / UGC /
Detroit Coney Dogs: Leo's Diner
Submitted by Estee Jinjihashvili / UGC /
Cod fish and potato croquettes and beer. Madrid.
Submitted by Marilyn Martin / UGC /
Breakfast or dessert?
Submitted by Tiffany Ngyuen/UGC /
Apple cinnamon crepes at Sweet Mix in Dallas, Texas -- the perfect fall dessert!
Submitted by Kari Klein / UGC /
Chicken & Waffles: Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas
Submitted by Retha Moulder / UGC /
Freemons Hamburger on Highway 149 between Creede, Colorado and Lake City, Colorado. It is truly the old fashioned greasy hamburger.