Do women need their own brand of beer?

July 21, 2011 at 11:27 AM ET

Michaela Rehle / Reuters /

Ahhh, beer!  While it welcomes all who’d care to bask in its golden glow, beer is still widely perceived to be the beverage of choice for men, be they sweaty, knuckle-dragging cro-magnons, pompous hops-huffing hobbyists or pop-collared frat brothers. Whether that belief is actually founded or not is questionable. I, for one, know plenty of ladies who fancy a pint. But Molson Coors is aiming at attracting more females to the keg party by launching a new line of brews tailored specifically to women.

According to the UK’s Marketing Magazine, Molson Coors’ Animee will be a “less gassy and lighter tasting” alternative to conventional beers. After two-and-a-half years of researching “women’s relationship with beer,” the American brewery will be releasing Animee – which will come in three versions (standard, rose and citrus) – in the UK later this summer. 

What say you, ladies? Would you be more inclined to drink a beer that appealed to your feminine sensibilities? Or is the notion that a beer has to be girlified before a woman will consider it insulting?

Belly up to the bar and weigh in.