Al Roker

Do real men wear aprons? Al says no

Dec. 7, 2011 at 9:33 AM ET

Can a real man rock an apron? We say yes, but Al Roker says no way.

Discussing recently leaked personal photos of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, one of which shows him in the kitchen wearing a red apron alongside his girlfriend, Al quipped, “Mark, an apron? Really? Wow.”

“He didn’t want to mess up that T-shirt,” Matt Lauer defended.

It turns out Al has a deep-seated dislike for aprons. In fact, in Al’s 2002 cookbook, “Al Roker’s Big Bad Book of Barbecue,” the anchor even wrote about cooking attire as one of his “Five rules of grilling and barbecue.”

Do not wear an apron that says “Kiss the Cook.” If you want to invite ridicule, scorn, and derision, then by all means, wear something like the aforementioned apron or like attire. By the same token, I always love those pictures of barbecues in the glossy food magazines with people wearing designer sweaters tied around their necks and khaki slacks or skirts. Who are these people? What kind of barbecue they at? They probably eat ribs with a knife and fork! Me, I love grilling in an old T-shirt and shorts.

Personally, I think it’s sexy when a man wears an apron. There are plenty of ways to ensure that all manhood is not lost in the process: aprons reppin’ his favorite sports team, expressing his love of beer or proclaiming his rightful place as king of the grill.

What do you think? Is there a problem with men wearing aprons?  

Vidya Rao is the food editor. She's known to leave crumbs in her wake, especially on her keyboard.