Do noisy restaurants get on your nerves?

Dec. 6, 2012 at 10:14 AM ET

Cramped, loud restaurants – most of us accept them as part of living in a populous city. But it wasn’t always that way – these days, it’s trendy to operate a restaurant where the noise level is out of control.

“I want you to feel like you almost stumbled into a hub and we wrapped ourselves around you,” explained famed chef Roy Choi, about his Los Angeles restaurant A-Frame.

And while a loud restaurant can offer an exciting energy, it does make it tough to hold a conversation. Next to bad service, it’s one of the biggest complaints that diners have.

“It’s infuriating sitting across literally two feet from somebody and not being able to hear them,” said Andrew Knowlton, food critic for Bon Appetit magazine.

Watch the video above to see how some restaurants are addressing the issue.

Tell us, do you love or loathe noisy restaurants? Share your stories and tell us your biggest restaurant peeves.