New York Times

Of DIPES and drama: Do actresses put on a fatty food show?

Feb. 16, 2011 at 12:48 PM ET

Why do the super-skinny actresses of Hollywood’s elite eat like frat boys in front of glossy mag reporters? And, conversely, why are reporters obsessed with sensually describing every greasy, dripping, decadent, calorie-laden bite taken by these chic ladies? The New York Times sought to answer these burning questions, finding that DIPES (documented instance of public eating) are running rampant.

Minka Kelly “slides a fork” into spaghetti carbonara. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz indulge in Kraft macaroni and cheese. Zoe Saldana eats a whole basket of fried calamari.

 Ultimately, there are a couple takeaways. 

  • Women who eat a lot but look like they don’t are double-sexy.
  • The readers of these glossy mag stories are meant to glean some insight into the stars’ personalities based on what they are eating.
  • Some readers are turned off by this behavior because it seems that these actresses are, well, putting on an act.

“When the writer has made special mention of what the actress is eating, especially if it’s something incredibly high-calorie or fattening, I do roll my eyes. Because I assume that it’s planted,” Anna Holmes, a founding editor of Jezebel, told the paper.

And let’s not forget the Times’ own “Trufflegate” drama with musician M.I.A., showing that sometimes, the food used to illustrate some trait about a star can actually be influenced by the reporter.

Being a food blog, we’d be hypocritical not to admit our interest in what celebrities – and everyone else – eat. But what do you think – are actresses putting on a show for reporters? And isn’t it about time we get a story that leads with Jon Hamm masticating on some fat in a sexy way?