The deep dish: Overrated restaurants and ice cream from human breast milk

Feb. 25, 2011 at 8:32 PM ET

A roundup of delicious food news from around the Web.

By Diana Marko

And now for something completely different. Tired of hearing about all the best restaurants? Here's a look at some overrated ones. It might be a slightly less useful article, but at the very least, you can use this to back up your veto if a buddy suggests one of these not-so-hot-spots. Our friends across the pond at the Guardian gathered together their least favorite food discoveries on American soil. Everyone else might like the newest eatery, but Michael Tomasky is a tough sell.

How many Christmas/birthday/baby presents are taking up space in your home? How many are gone because you re-gifted? It’s time to stop guessing what your loved ones want and give the gift of “Whoa, that’s good!” The Svelte Gourmand blogs about the gift that stood out among all the baby gifts and pastel cards: the gift of food, cooked with love.

There’s a restaurant in London serving breast milk ice-cream. Yup, it’s made with real breast milk, and it’s called Baby Gaga. Women are paid to donate their breast milk. Before you get all gaggy, it’s pasteurized fully before it’s added into the mix. The lure, according to founder Matt O’Connor, is a pure, organic, free-range milk. Free-range is a little harder to define when we’re dealing with nursing mothers and not cows, but we’ll let you make up your mind for yourself!