The deep dish: Betty Crocker wants to bake the royal wedding cake

Feb. 22, 2011 at 5:28 PM ET

A roundup of delicious food news from around the Web.

By Diana Marko

Imagine you're Kate Middleton. You are going to marry Prince William. You need a cake, and you could get anyone from Paula Deen to Bono to bake it for you. But now who wants to get in the mix? None but the original, the cake-master, Betty Crocker.

Go ahead and break the mold! The Jell-O mold, that is. As summer approaches and you stare longingly at the sundresses up in the windows, you may want to lighten up your dessert choices. Luckily, the zesty food blog "Mexico Cooks" is offering up the most creative Jell-O creations you've ever seen. The multicolored artistic creations they're whipping up will blow your Aunt Mildred's holiday Jell-O mold out of the water.

Airport fees may be on the rise, but so is airport fare. The days of prepackaged salads and sad little sandwiches may be gone, as the competition heats up for the best terminal dining. Food & Wine is serving up a review of the most recent additions to your local airport. Who knows, maybe getting to the airport three hours early can also be time well spent feeding your inner foodie fanatic.

We all have a little environmental guilt from time to time. We want blueberries, grapes or cherries -- yet we know that this time of year the carbon footprint associated with buying these well-traveled fruits is huge. So what is in season locally in February where you live? has decided to help us out with this tricky question by providing an interactive produce map. Click on your area to see a guide for produce that is in season, along with recipes to help you use it.