Comedian tries to make 'cone-ing' a fad

June 9, 2011 at 1:18 PM ET

A heat wave is leaving people across the country drenched in sweat, and for many, ice cream is a quick fix.

Australian Alki Stevens is taking the chill tradition to a whole new level with "cone-ing" -- ordering ice cream cones at drive-thrus and grabbing the cream instead of the cone. At last count, his YouTube video has gotten more than 349,000 views and  wonders whether cone-ing will be the "official meme of summer 2011." 

The best part about the video is the same flabbergasted expression on all of the servers' faces, as they're likely wondering what this crazy dude is doing. Stevens, who is trying to win a YouTube video competition, is attempting to make cone-ing the new "planking," a worldwide hipster trend in which people photograph themselves laying down in weird places.  

Watch the video and tell us, would you go cone-ing or is this fad just not worth staining your sexy summer getup?