Combining two loves: Ice cream and sugar cereal

June 22, 2011 at 1:51 PM ET

Even as adults, how many of us can renounce the allure of the disarmingly sweet taste of children's breakfast cereals? Did your mom even allow that stuff in your house? Personally speaking, my mother would sooner have fed us bowls of dirt-slathered gravel from our driveway than ever serve us even a single bowl of Cap'n Crunch. But every now and then, I was able to sample that contraband, and was immediately smitten with its charms.

Years later, even if I frown on the notion of my own kids gorging on the stuff, I still find it hard to resist the Cap'n's candy-colored clarion call. Whether it's out of nostalgia for my distant youth, the thrill of indulging a guilty pleasure that my mom can no longer prevent or simply the shameless sweetness, I remain a dutiful Crunchophile. And I'm not alone. The forbidden breakfast cereal aisle beckons like a seductive, sugary siren to us all, young and old.

Famed chef David Chang removed the stigma of adults consuming children's breakfast cereal when he started offering soft-serve ice cream flavors inspired by the taste of sugary cereal milk.

Now, ice cream entrepreneur Diana Hardeman is bringing more kids’ cereals into the mix of her MilkMade ice cream line.   

MilkMade /
The Lucky Charms ice cream features just the marshmallow charms with oatmeal ice cream.

"A friend requested that we make Cap'n Crunch ice cream for him," says Hardeman. "While retrieving a box from the market, I saw Crunch Berry and thought -- a berry compote swirl would be perfect! Crunch Berry is Cap'n Crunch infused ice cream with a blueberry swirl!"

MilkMade has variations including favorite cereals like Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisps and more. But if your mouth is already watering, you should act now. MilkMade is a highly exclusive operation. "At this point," Hardeman explains, "We wouldn't release these as our flavors of the month for our membership, as they stray from our all-local, all-natural ingredient requirements. Though we have delivered a couple of pints to MilkMade members who saw the photos and had to get their hands on a pint."

MilkMade /
MilkMade added crunchy bits of toasted Cinnamon Toast Crunch to a creamy, vanilla-cinnamon ice cream base.

What was your favorite kids’ cereal? Would you eat it as an ice cream flavor?