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Brews for Bond: 5 beers 007 should try

April 4, 2012 at 9:48 AM ET

Actor Daniel Craig as James Bond. Here's hoping he diversifies his beer choices.
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Actor Daniel Craig as James Bond. Here's hoping he diversifies his beer choices.

I love Daniel Craig as James Bond because he brings a manliness to the role that’s been missing ever since Sean Connery said “Never Say Never” one time too many. While it seemed fitting when Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan ordered a vodka martini, Mr. Craig’s more rough-hewn rendition of Bond always struck me as more of a beer man.

Apparently the folks at Heineken agree, as Advertising Age reports that the Dutch brew has struck a deal to become Mr. Bond’s beverage of choice in “Skyfall,” the next installment in the 007 movie series. The report says Mr. Bond will be trading “shaken, not stirred” for “slightly skunked” in at least one scene in the film. Heineken and the Bond franchise have been marketing partners for over 15 years, but this marks the first time 007 will be consuming the product on the silver screen.

Story: Bond does deal with Heineken? We're shaken, stirred

While I love the idea of the world’s greatest secret agent drinking the world’s greatest beverage, there are a slew of beers besides Heineken I’d equip 007 with if I were Q. Here are five more suitable choices for Mr. Bond to enjoy, in no particular order:

Innis and Gunn Scottish Ale

Not only does this delicious oak-aged ale have “Gun(n)” in the title, it’s also brewed in Scotland, which gave us that other manly Bond. This rich and tasty beer delights with hints of toffee, vanilla and smoky oak. It’s a beer with a distinct U.K. character, just like 007.

Trappistes Rochefort 10

Like Mr. Bond, this 11.3 percent alcohol-by-volume Belgian quad packs quite a wallop, but it also has a subtle grace. Its notes of sweet dark fruit and caramel are artfully balanced against a bready body and a boozy ending. Both powerful and elegantly finished, it’s like 007 in a fluted glass. And just like Mr. Bond, it can have you on your back before you know what hit you, so watch yourself!

21st Amendment Monks Blood

James Bond often finds himself in precarious situations, many that are unsuitable for glass bottles (which are NOT allowed on the space shuttle), so I decided to include a canned beer on the list. My choice is 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood, a Belgian strong ale that’s brewed with figs, vanilla, cinnamon and dark Belgian candi sugar to create a brew that’s big on flavor, but won’t shatter when crushed by Oddjob. Plus, I’m sure Q could make a very sneaky hand grenade out of one, which is a bonus.

Stone Levitation Ale

If I were James Bond, I’d always want to keep on my toes, even while enjoying a simple pleasure such as a beer. Therefore I’d seek out something big on flavor but low on alcohol content, like Stone Levitation Ale. This 4.4 percent alcohol-by-volume American amber treats you to a gush of grapefruity goodness married to a caramelly malt backbone, delivering the hallmarks of pale ale but with less booze on board. It’s just the thing to keep you sharp as you relax, an oxymoron which makes me think that being a secret agent must be EXHAUSTING!

Lindemans Framboise Lambic

When not foiling evil plots or winning handsomely at baccarat, Mr. Bond likes to relax with gorgeous women, and no ordinary beer is going to do. Enter Lindemans Framboise, a Belgian fruit beer brewed with raspberries. This sweet and bubbly treat is the perfect companion for enjoying some downtime with Domino or relaxing with Honey Ryder. It comes in an elegant bottle and has a cork (perfect for popping as the camera pans away and the giggles begin), and features just the right balance of sweet and sour to keep things playful, but never too trying. As an added bonus, this beer has the lowest alcohol volume of the bunch, with an ABV of 2.5 percent - a good thing, especially when our hero is canoodling with a psychopath like Xenia Onatopp. Oh James!

How about you? What beer would YOU equip 007 with if you were calling the shots? Let us know below!

Jim Galligan is co-founder of the Beer and Whiskey Brothers blog, where he and his brother Don cover the ever-evolving world of craft beer and distilled spirits.

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