Bratty baristas take coffee snobbery to a whole new level

Oct. 5, 2011 at 1:44 PM ET

Last week, 77 percent of you, dear readers, confessed to being coffee snobs. But we doubt that even you could rival the baristas in the hilarious Funny or Die video “Coffee Snobs.”

If you don’t have time to watch the whole vid, here are some choice quotes:

On milk in coffee: “The thought of bastardizing coffee with milk makes me want to throw up.”

To a customer asking for iced coffee:  “This is Malaysian bat guano coffee, it’s extremely rare. This bean was shot through a bat’s ass----. So don’t insult that dead bat by asking us to pour espresso over ice.”

On the pastries in the glass case (we can get behind this one, the honesty is refreshing!):

“They’re disgusting. I wouldn’t feed those to my stepdad  -- and he stabbed my mom to death.”

So just have a little chuckle the next time you encounter a giant eyeroll  and heavy sigh when you order a half-caf nonfat iced latte with extra whip.

Tell us, have you encountered a super snobby barista?