Americans love their chocolate: How do you stack up?

June 25, 2012 at 4:04 PM ET

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The average American consumes chocolate 107 times per year, according to NCA Sweet Insights.

We’re a nation of chocolate-eaters, with nearly half of Americans nibbling on bite-sized chunks of the rich treat every day, according to NCA Sweet Insights. If you’re a daily chocolate fiend, you’re not alone—approximately 41 percent of the population consumes chocolate at least once per day, usually within the privacy of their own home, the study revealed. Adults tend to fall under dark chocolate’s spell as they get older, preferring snack-sized pieces of the relaxing candy.

Ever experience post chocolate-binge guilt? Fret not, the association also reports that moderate chocolate consumers are more likely to exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and regulate their portions. More good news: chocolate eaters are 13 percent more likely to spend time with friends and 18 percent more likely to spend time with family.

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