8 green treats for St. Patrick's Day fun

Sure, you could serve up all the St. Paddy’s Day classics — soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, Irish coffee — but wouldn’t you rather put together a totally original, absolutely irresistible spread of sweets, savories and cocktails that will wow your party guests? Here at 8 easy-to-make treats for your St. Patrick's Day festivities.

Sour-patch grapes

Sour patch grapes Sweet Treats & More
Sour-patch grapes

These homemade sour-patch grapes couldn’t be easier to make. The recipe calls for just two ingredients--grapes and a package of Jell-O. But you’d better buy extras of both, since we guarantee your St. Patrick's Day guests won’t be able to stay away from the bowl. 

St. Patrick's Day muddy buddies

St. Patrick's Day muddy buddies Picasa / No Biggie
St. Patrick's Day muddy buddies

Otherwise known as puppy chow, this addictive snack — starring Rice Chex, chocolate chips and peanut butter — gets a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired kick with green M&Ms. 

Guacamoledeviled eggs

Guacamole deviled eggs I Wash You Dry
Guacamole deviled eggs

Deviled eggs without mayo? Indeed. The secret to this luscious version is guacamole. These green-tinged snacks are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, and even more irresistible thanks to the hit of garlic and cilantro in this recipe. 

Mintchocolate meringues

Mint chocolate meringues The Daring Gourmet
Mint chocolate meringues

Mint should definitely find its way into your St. Patrick’s Day menu, and these meringues are a sweet, elegant way to do it. They get their stunning color from mint extract and natural food coloring, plus they’re dipped in chocolate for extra contrast — and deliciousness. 

Honeydew,cucumber, mint mojito

Honey, cucumber, mint mojito Thyme
Honey, cucumber, mint mojito

We’re guessing you will have plenty of Guinness on hand for St. Patrick’s Day, so why not up your game by serving these green cocktails? They’re made with rum, fresh honeydew melon juice, cucumber and garnished with ingenious cucumber-skin shamrocks. 

St. Patrick's Day candy and cracker bites

St. Patrick's Day candy and cracker bites Cake Whiz
St. Patrick's Day candy and cracker bites

If you have salty crackers and some chocolate treats around the house—Twix, M&Ms, white chocolate—then you have everything you need to make this simple snack. You can sub out other candy bars instead of the Twix, but one thing you’ll definitely need: green M&Ms. 

Spinach cups

Spinach cups Zestuous
Spinach cups

These puff-pastry spinach cups are a little understated in their greenness, but hey, they’re still green. Made with fresh spinach for a healthy kick, they’re ideal for nibbling with all that booze your guests will be drinking on St. Paddy’s Day. 

Quick and easy pretzel bites for St. Patrick's Day

Quick and easy bites Love From the Oven
Quick and easy bites

Lay some pretzels on a cookie sheet, put chocolate discs or Hershey’s Kisses on top and let them in the oven for a couple of minutes. Put a green M&M on top of each piece of warm, softened chocolate and you’re done. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!