3 easy, addictive make-ahead cocktail party snacks

Casey Barber

Even with all the lavish options available for a party buffet—shrimp cocktail, pop-in-your-mouth quiche, roast beef sliders—there's nothing like a few bowls of crunchable, munchable snacks to get the party going. Why not take it up a notch and let a few bowl of homemade caramel corn, Chex Mix, and decadent glazed meatballs prove you're the host with the most

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These make-ahead cocktail party snacks are equal parts nostalgic, satisfying, and festive—oh, and easy, did we mention easy? (You won't even need a candy thermometer to make your own homemade caramel corn!) Just a few minutes of prep work a few nights before the party and you'll be ready to raise a glass without stress. Dig in!