Is "Work It' worst TV show ever?

Jan. 4, 2012 at 10:59 AM ET

"Work It" doesn't work, critics say.

It's hard to remember a new TV show that earned such universally horrible reviews as ABC's "Work It," which premiered last night.

The sitcom focuses on two unemployed men who dress up like women to find jobs. Stars Lee Standish and Amaury Nolasco may have to try that trick soon, because we can't believe this show will stick around long. Here are a few of the best (worst) quotes about the show.

Groin-thwacking pain

"It’s not just that 'Work It' is poorly written, broadly acted and apparently produced without any shame, it’s that any number of people had a chance to say no to the groin-thwack against standards that is this series, but they refused."  --Hollywood Reporter

Bring back The Gap Girls

"As a comedy about men who dress in drag, it makes the Gap Girls on 'Saturday Night Live' look like Shakespeare In The Park."  --Linda Holmes, NPR

Dumb da dumb dumb

"'Work It' is bad dumb, memorably bad dumb, the kind of bad dumb show you will use in years to come as a benchmark for other bad sitcoms."    --TIME

Ha ha ha. Ha?

"The funniest part of 'Work It' lies in ABC’s press materials, which describe the show as a 'high-concept comedy.'"  --Boston Herald

Nice work if you can get it

"I would probably have to say that the only good thing to come out of this show is that it, momentarily, employed people; writers, actors, production crew, etc."  --IGN TV

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