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Whitney Houston remembered by daughter Bobbi Kristina on her 49th birthday

Aug. 9, 2012 at 8:41 AM ET

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Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina in 2011.

Happy birthday, Whitney Houston. The Grammy-winning singer, who tragically passed away in February, would have turned 49 years old today.

Although she's no longer with us, she's far from being forgotten.

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"Haven't been tweeting much today, I'm sowwy," Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown tweeted yesterday. "I'm REALLY REALLY missing my mommy today. 2morrow is #MOMMYSBDAY of course."

"Once it hits 12 am mommy it's your birthday&I am going2celebrate it2thee fullest!" she added. "Bc YOU deserve it damn it, YOU deaerveNothingburtheBEST!"

Houston's onscreen daughter and "Sparkle"  costar Jordin Sparks says working with the music superstar is the greatest memory she has of Houston.

"I wish everybody could have been there like a fly on the wall to see her walk on to set every day," Sparks told us. "She was so excited to be there, to be doing all of this."

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Sparks says the first time she saw "Sparkle" she was a "complete wreck" watching Houston's performance. "I was bawling," she said. "Just seeing Whitney on the screen and seeing it all come to life and she looks so incredible and I was just so touched by it."

In Houston's honor, her Sparkle family are encouraging fans to tweet birthday messages using the hashtags #SPARKLE and #HappyBdayWhitney.

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"Whitney Houston just lights up the screen," "Sparkle"  costar Terrence Jenkins says of Houston in the film. "She blows it away. She's everything you could expect and more." 

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