What did you think of the 'Entourage' series finale?

Sep. 12, 2011 at 11:34 AM ET

It's the end of the road for Vince and the gang on "Entourage."

It’s time to hug it out for the last time, folks. After eight seasons, HBO’s sometimes funny, sometimes touching tribute to arrested development and La-La Land excess, “Entourage,” is over.

Sunday night saw the end of the action for Vince, Ari, Eric, Johnny and Turtle and the bro time they were all so fond of. That leaves just one Monday morning question for fans: What did you think of the long-running show’s finale?


Vince suddenly decided to tie the knot with Sophia. Meanwhile, E quit his job to be a better family man. And Ari quit his job for … the very same reason. As for Mrs. Ari? The newly-named Melissa took her main man back.

If you’re wondering about Turtle and Johnny, you’re not alone. Those two didn’t exactly get much in the way of final farewell treatment.

So tell us, did the end live up to your expectations? Vote in our poll above or share your thoughts to our Facebook page.


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