America's Got Talent

Two acts fall from stage on 'America's Got Talent' premiere

June 1, 2011 at 11:57 AM ET

The season six premiere of “America’s Got Talent” got off on the wrong foot for two hopefuls set on showing the judges just what they could do — or more accurately, what they couldn’t do.

The footwork flubs began when Primitivo Montoya took the stage for a bizarre and downright bad routine that involved pop-and-lock dancing and something similar to singing. Panelist Piers Morgan hit his buzzer, but Montoya remained undaunted. In fact, the utility-worker-by-day decided that was the perfect time to freestyle a cartwheel right off the stage.

Montoya landed with a crash several feet below his starting position, but somehow made it back on his feet. Although the wannabe contestant even climbed his way to the stage again, judge Howie Mandel slapped both his and Sharon Osbourne’s buzzers to prevent any further falls  — or so-called performances — from the auditioner.

But just because Montoya was out of the running didn’t mean the inadvertent stage diving portion of the show was over. No, thanks to man called Metatron, there was still one more misstep to come.

While Metatron, aka the Angel of Light, attempted to entertain the crowd with his self-styled rap, he took one confident step forward and one unintentional step lower. The “motivational” rapper deserves some credit. Despite the steep drop, he landed on his feet.

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